Weekend in London: Musicals (MaMa Mia!)

Mama Mia London Musical
This was my one of the musicals in London that I went to and I truly enjoyed myself. It wasn't boring, but rather quite entertaining. The place was packed and the storyline wasn’t bad at all.
The story is about a 20-year-old named Sophie, who lives on a Kalokairi, a Greek island with her mother. She is preparing to marry her boyfriend and dreams of having her father walk her down the aisle, but she has no idea who he is. One day she discovers her mother's diary and finds 3 entries with intimate dates with 3 men, whom she concludes that one of them must be her father. So Sophie sends them an invitation to her wedding using her mother's name, without letting her mother know.

When the guests start arriving for the wedding, Donna, Sophie's mother is surprised to see her ex-lovers turn up for her daughter's wedding. Instead of being able to recognize her father as she had expected, Sophie ends up being confused. The rest of the musical goes through the ups and downs as Sophie struggles with her desire to know who her father is without hurting her mother, and how all 3 men all jump to the conclusion that they are her father. The musical does have its funny and endearing moments.
On the way back
We caught the evening one, and as it was within walking distance from the hotel we walked back to the hotel after the show ended.
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