Ximending: A day out shopping and eating

Although our hotel stay can with simple breakfast, we decided to venture out this morning to try a local breakfast. But just as we walked out onto the streets of Ximending, it started to rain and we ended up having breakfast at the nearest 7-Eleven. It was getting a little chilly so what better way to warm the stomach then some tea eggs and oden!

7-Eleven oden breakfast
7-Eleven oden breakfast

After the warm meal, we just ventured out in the drizzle and there was plenty to see: food, shops, street art, live music and even a mini concert.

A day out shopping and eating in Ximending
A day out shopping and eating in Ximending

Street Art in Ximending
Street Art in Ximending
Street Art in Ximending
Street Art in Ximending

After all that walking and shopping, we had a late lunch at Rakumenya (樂麵屋) which was within the vicinty. [Rakumenya (樂麵屋) Review]

With our stomachs satiated, we walked another stretch of Ximending. We walked past the area were all the cinemas were and decided to watch a midnight movie after our Jingmei night market tour.

[Jingmei Night Market Tour Review]

Ximending cinema

As we had a night market tour later in the evening, we made our way to one of the Ximending mrt exits. Along the way we had soe street food, and DramaQueen finally had the chance to try the famous Ah Zhong Mee Sua. The queue was just forming so we went and bought ourselves a bowl before heading to Jingmei MRT Station for our night market tour.

Ah Zhong Mee Sua
Ah Zhong Mee Sua: the broth was flavorful and not (strongly) gamey. while the thin stands of noodles were practically melt in your mouth. As for the pieces of intestine, they are barely noticeable if you chew really fast. 😆
16工房 Creative Boutique
16工房 Creative Boutique: We still had a little time, so we explored this boutique aka the red house. It's a great space with lots of artisanal items. I wish we had more time to explore. Well, there's always next time! 😁

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