Daytime in Hongdae: Lunch at 아포길매기 and Shopping

After our photo fun time at Trickeye Museum, we wandered into a nearby eatery (just around the corner) for lunch. The menu wasn’t very extensive, serving simple Korean food like Korean BBQ, dry/soup cold noodles (nyeongmeyon), bibimbap, stews etc… But we still managed to select our food and made our orders (to a pretty adorable waiter haha). On average our meal cost us 6,000 won each, which was pretty reasonable.
Lunch in Hongdae
아포길매기: The menu
Lunch in Hongdae
Side dishes a.k.a banchan
Lunch in Hongdae
Bulgogi stew (I think)
Lunch in Hongdae
Noodles in clear, refreshing cold soup
Lunch in Hongdae
Dry version of cold noodles with sauce
Lunch in Hongdae
Kimchi stew
Once we were done with our lunch, we went our separate ways: DramaQueen and MX wanted to go ‘star-gazing’ (e.g. YG, SM Entertainment etc…) and attend a charity event/concert with ‘stars’ (of course), while M and I had our own agenda (e.g. shopping and the sheep café!). The plan was to meet up later that night for dinner at Haha’s restaurant in Hongdae.

With DramaQueen and MX off on their ‘star’ adventure, M and I were left to explore the whole of Hongdae on our own. Being a Sunday (and a weekend), Hongdae was bustling with activity and youthful vibrancy throughout. It was an afternoon of frenzied happy shopping and browsing. There were many things to see and so many tempting items to buy.
Hongdae Shopping
On the way to the sheep cafe after lunch!
M stumbled across a stall selling phone accessories and ended up buying a pretty (and durable, not to mention cheap too) iPhone 6 cover which would have cost at least 3 to 4 times in Singapore. She even bought… a selfie stick (which ended up being used for many 360 videos throughout our trip)! Well, after walking (and shopping) for about 2 hours or so, we made our way to the Sheep Café, enamored with the many shops and things they had to offer along the way. 

Hongdae Shopping
Shopping spoils and more shops after the sheep cafe!
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