Qoo10: is it losing it’s luster?


I used to love shopping on Qoo10, in fact it’s the first platform that got me onto the online shopping bandwagon. There was never inherently anything wrong with Qoo10: there were vouchers and points which can be redeemed and used to off set the total cost of the shopping haul, which was fine if you know how to navigate around. 
Then came Shopee, Amazon, Lazada and the rest of the online shopping platforms which more competitive pricing and better designed websites and apps. Their Customer Service and refund process are also more easy to use and fast. 
For my first Lazada purchase I excitedly clicked checkout and realized too late that I had input the wrong address! After panicking for a few milliseconds, I check the FAQs and just simply cancelled that order and made a repurchase with the right address of course (all this done within one day). Then for one of my Shopee orders, the product broke and the refund process was so so simple: all I had to do was request for the refund and state the reason along with the supported photos and go to my nearest pop station to return it at no extra cost. How cool is that?
Qoo10 on the other hand… Let’s start with the website, the design seems stuck in somewhere in the 2000s and Customer Service is totally non-existent. Forget about getting your refund, or any form of updates should your order go awry. It solely depends on the response and integrity of the seller on Qoo10.
Expecting a reply or response from Qoo10 Customer Service takes days, even weeks and even then, there might be no resolution at all. And calling their hotline yields nothing. At least for Lazada, the agent will really follow up on the issue until it is closed, not leave it to the seller and forever wait for a reply. 😅
For my recent Qoo10 order, the seller ran out of stock (after payment mind you) and gave me an option to either get another item of the same value (which they had none), or a refund. I choose a refund. Wrong choice. 
It took more than 2 months to get it resolved and I only got back about 80% in Q-money because they said it was also inclusive of the voucher used and not inclusive of the $1.99 delivery fee. However, in that order there were many other items and they conveniently choose to deduct the value of the voucher and the delivery fees… all for this one refund item? Really now Qoo10?!
And let’s not get started on the communication between Qoo10 Support and the Seller, there’s practically none... The standard reply I received was that were contacting the seller and waiting for a response, while the seller’s response was Qoo10 has not released the payment to them so they are unable to refund me yet… for 2 whole months… why do they even bother having a Support Desk if they are going to just play some taichi? 
They make their support process complicated and it’s not easy to understand as their query / chat system is not user friendly / intuitive enough. Also, they take forever to get back to the customer and make it difficult for customers to get rectification in the shortest time possible. 
Even calling the hotline is useless, as they will tell you to submit a request online instead (then why do you have a helpdesk when they can never help but only reassign?). Once you raise the online ticket, they will forward it internally to whatever teams, and there will be some back and forth, before getting back to you within a week with a standard template with no resolution.  It makes one apprehensive to buy anything from Qoo10 at times, especially from shops which are new.
Basically, if it’s a seller issue, Qoo10 will say it is up to the seller but the will try their best to mediate. If it’s their payment system, then it is the bank you should check with as they are unable to help. I don’t know maybe checking with your programming team if there really is any bugs or issues instead of always forever passing the ball for the consumer to resolve their own issue? At least pretend to care…. you'd get some points for that. 
At the rate Qoo10 is going, if there is no revamp or fresh ideas / improvements (especially their Customer Service), it’s going to end up like one of those somewhat forgotten companies’ / platforms (e.g. Ebay).  Many sellers have their presence in other platforms like Shopee and Lazada, and the pricing can also be relatively competitive (more so with the vouchers and promos). So no loss to the consumer and seller, only Qoo10.

What do you think?

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