Klook Promo Codes

Here are some promo codes you can use for your bookings via Klook:
If you are not yet a member at Klook, sign up here and get S$4.30 off your first transaction! 😊

For Singapore users, do note if you book via Shopback, you can earn cashback or rebates!

[Review for Shopback’s Cashback]

If you are interested to try out Shopback and want a SGD$5 coupon you can use on your first purchase, sign up here!



  1. 15% on your first booking on mobile app - BetterOnApp 
  2. DBS 20% off hotels min. S$250 - VTLHOTELDBS
  3. UOB 20% off private/public transfers min. S$30.  - VTLTRANSPORTUOB
  4. GrabPay 20% off car rentals min. S$250. - VTLRENTCARGRAB 
  5. OCBC 20% off WiFi/SIM cards min. S$30. - VTLWIFISIMOCBC
  6. Applicable Platform: All
    无门槛95折,最高立减200元,部分特殊产品除外 - FANLI1997
  7.  Applicable Platform: All 
    【Mainland China Only】7% off for all Hotel - Packages/Activities&Experiences/Tours&Sightseeing without threshold - 买酒店用云闪付 
  8. Applicable Platform: All
    【Mainland China Only】7% off for all Hotel Packages/Activities&Experiences/Tours&Sightseeing without threshold- HOTELZDM 



  1. 1-for-1 Disneyland 1 Day Single - CITIVTLDISNEY
  2. 1-for-1 The Louvre Priority Access  - CITIVTLLOUVRE
  3. 1-for-1 Heathrow Express One  - CITIVTLLHR
  4. 1-for-1 Neuschwanstein & Linderhof Regular Day Tour  - CITIVTLCASTLE
  5. 1-for-1 Lotte World Day Pass - CITIVTLLOTTE
  6. 1-for-1 Nami Island + Petite France tour  - CITIVTLNAMI
  7. 1-for-1 DMZ Morning Departure Tour - CITIVTLDMZ 
  8. 1-for-1 Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter with Round Trip Transport -
  9. 1-for-1 Disneyland Paris One Day Ticket Regular Ticket - CITIVTLDISNEYPAR
  10. 1-for-1 Phi Phi, Maya Area, Khai and Bamboo Island Snorkeling Day Trip from Phuket - CITIVTLPHIPHI
  11. 1-for-1 The Ultimate Sydney Attractions Pass - CITIVTLSYD


  1. 10% off Sydney Activities - SEESYD10
  2. 10% off Vivid Sydney Activities - VIVID10


  1. Citi S$50 off min. S$300 - CITIVTL50OFF
  2. GrabPay S$10 off min. S$60 - GRABVTL10OFF
  3. GrabPay S$50 off min. S$300 - GRABVTL50OFF
  4. DBS S$10 off min. S$60 - DBSVTL10OFF
  5. DBS S$50 off min. S$300 - DBSVTL50OFF
  6. DBS S$60 off min. S$400 - DBSVTL60OFF
  7. OCBC S$10 off min. S$60 - OCBCVTL10OFF
  8. OCBC S$50 off min. S$300 - OCBCVTL50OFF
  9. UOB S$10 off min. S$60 - UOBVTL10OFF
  10. UOB S$50 off min. S$300 - UOBVTL50OFF 

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