Cafe De Nicole’s Flower Review

Cafe De Nicole’s Flower
Cafe De Nicole’s Flower

Cafe De Nicole’s Flower should be your next destination if you are into instagramable cafes and food. It's both a florist and cafe combined into one, and the coolest part is that it is pet friendly! 

Though a little out of the way, tucked away in the East side of Singapore, everything here is instagram worthy. The cafe can seat about 45 people, with the florist corner at the entrance of the cafe. While the cafe probably can serve as a backdrop for some Instagramworthy photos, it's only possible IF it is not at full capacity.

During our first visit on a (supposedly) non-peak hour during a weekend, it was pure chaos. The wait staff were all over the place taking orders, delivering food and clearing tables. It took about 10 minutes for them to attend/notice us.

There are two doors to the cafe: the main entrance at the front of the cafe with a nice floral arch to welcome guests, and a side door. We entered at the side door and were greeted with full tables and scurrying wait staff. There wasn't any signage to indicate where the queue should be / we be waiting. We just stood there awkwardly while wait staff walked pass us. At least there were cute dogs (of guests) and a cockatoo to keep us occupied.

Thankfully for us, a table of 4 was just about finished so we waited for them to clear the table before taking over. Ordering has to be done at the cashier and it a little hard to decide what to get. 
Averaging pricing includes all-day Brunch (S$8.90 – 21.90), Salad (S$11.90 – 14.90), Waffle (S$9.90 – 15.90), Souffle Pancakes (S$15.90 – 19.90), Acai Bowl (S$9.80/15.90), Ice Cream (S$5.30/5.80), Cafe de Nicole’s Flower Specialty (S$7.90 – 9.80), Flower Tea (S$7.80 – 9.80) and Coffee (S$3.80 – 9.90).

In the end, we got a large Acai Bowl (S$15.90++), Nicole's Favor (S$21.90++), Fruit Salad, and Chicken.
Cafe De Nicole’s Flower Review
Clockwise: Acai Bowl (S$15.90++), Nicole's Favor (S$21.90++), Fruit Salad, and Chicken.

For drinks, we had an assortment of Mermaid Tears, Hawaii Sunset, and Yuzu & Passion Fruit at S$7.90++ each. 
Cafe De Nicole’s Flower Review
Cafe De Nicole’s Flower Review Mermaid Tears
Mermaid Tears

For dessert we shared an original souffle pancake (S$17.90++) 
Cafe De Nicole’s Flower Review
Cafe De Nicole’s Flower Review
Note: If you’d like to try their Souffle Pancakes, make sure you place your order early. They make the pancakes from scratch, which takes about 20 minutes on average."

Overall, the food was quite palatable and pretty lookng, but service tends to be subpar, particularly when the cafe is a almost full capacity. So visiting during non peak hours during the weekdays instead of weekends might yield a better dining (and photographing) experience.

Cafe De Nicole’s Flower

Address: 224 Telok Kurau Road, #01-01, Singapore 423836
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 8:30am to 8:30pm (Closed on Mon)

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