Dinner at Moss Burger (Ximending)

We had arrived pretty late in the evening and once we were all done checked in at  Orange Hotel Ximen we went out to explore the neighborhood a bit. It was a Friday night and Ximending was bustling with people.

Dinner at Moss Burger (Ximending)
Ximending at night

Our stomachs soon rumbled and we found ourselves at Moss Burger. Coincidentally our first meal in Taipei 6 years ago was also Moss Burger.  😂

The menu items at the Taipei Moss Burger outlets are more diverse and appetizing then Singapore’s, and quite a delight just looking at the menu. You can choose between a rice patty burger or a the regular burger (bread) buns, with a choice of beef, chicken, pork, seafood or vegetables filling, along with a choice of sides such as fries, hot dogs, fried chicken, shrimp, dessert or croquette etc…There are also various promotions that encourage customers to come back. The prices are reasonable too.

Dinner at Moss Burger (Ximending)
The menu and counter

I had the beef yakinuku rice patty burger with fries and DramaQueen had the pork rice patty burger with a curry croquette in the shape of a doughnut. The meals came with ice tea which had slices of lemon and lime, giving it a refreshing taste.

Dinner at Moss Burger (Ximending)
The refreshing tea
Dinner at Moss Burger (Ximending)
Our burgers and sides

With our tummies satiated, we walked around Ximending and did a little shopping before heading back to our hotel to have a good night's rest for our adventure at Jiufen and Shifen the next day.

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