Singapore Airlines Economy: Bangkok Bangkok wait for us!

Finally the day for the long awaited 'express' shopping trip arrived. With the luggage all packed and ready to go, we made out way to Changi Airport, Terminal 2. Unlike the previous first 2 trips to Bangkok on Tiger Airways, this time we managed to get a good deal for Singapore Airlines. We managed to get flight tickets at  S$191.20 per person. It was a pretty good deal, when compared with budget flights - you get 30kg of luggage allowance, food and entertainment. 😄

Checking-in was a breeze and the counter staff was even so nice to print out our return boarding passes as well! That was certainly a nice gesture which we appreciated. So once our almost empty luggage were checked-in, we made our way to the departure hall. 

There was still time for lunch before our flight (SQ976), so Ms.D and I had lunch at Wang's. I had the Ah Gong Mian (or was it the Ah Ma Mian 😅), while Ms.D had the Mee Rebus; both of us had the sets so the noodles came with a drink and kaya toast.  

Changi Airport Terminal 2 Wang Cafe
Something to fill the tummy before we board our flight to Bangkok~
Changi Airport Terminal 2 Wang Cafe
The noodles, which were nice, but the normal kind of nice.
Changi Airport Terminal 2 Wang Cafe
The view while having lunch

Once done filling our tummies, we made our way to our gate and were just in time for boarding.

Singapore Airlines Economy: Bangkok Bangkok wait for us!
The flight was about 80% filled and it was a 2-3-3 configuration.
Singapore Airlines Economy: Bangkok Bangkok wait for us!
The seats with blankets. As you can see, it was a pretty sunny afternoon!
Singapore Airlines Economy: Bangkok Bangkok wait for us!
Leg room was adequate and more than spacious, which was a pleasant surprise.

Service on-board was pleasant and soon it was time to hit the skies. But not before handing out those ear pieces, which unlike on other Singapore Airlines flights I have taken, are not of the bulky cumbersome variety. What I wish Singapore Airlines would upgrade is their KrisFlyer entertainment system. It would be better if the screen was an intuitive touchscreen, along with a more updated remote design. Still the variety of movies on this short flight was plenty, and the entertainment system even played the movies when the plane landed. So yes, you can watch at least one complete movie on the flight from Singapore to Bangkok.

Singapore Airlines Economy: Bangkok Bangkok wait for us!
The new earphones. 😍 It's always the little things that count.

About 45 minutes up in the air, dinner was served. There wasn't any menu being handed out, nor was there one in the seat pocket (I think). When it come to our turn, we were asked if we wanted noodles or rice. I had the noodles, which were Pad Thai style and out of all my Singapore Airlines meals I have had, this was the least memorable. 😞

Singapore Airlines Economy: Bangkok Bangkok wait for us!
The meal before the big reveal
Singapore Airlines Economy: Bangkok Bangkok wait for us!
The noodles were dry and lumpy, and both the noodles and chicken meat were bland. Even the vegetables were overcooked.
The pasta salad was alright, while dessert which was a combination of mango and toffee/caramel, but it had a bitter aftertaste. 😖

Shortly after the meal,  there was an announcement by the pilot to inform us that we would be delayed slightly (about 20-30 minutes) as there was a 'crowd' at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, so we had to wait till it was our turn before landing. No biggie, more time to finish up that movie. 😄
Singapore Airlines Economy: Bangkok Bangkok wait for us!
Finally, we landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport!

Overall for the flight, the service was alright: cabin crew were helpful and all smiles as they bustled about the plane serving passengers and attending to requests. The food, however was a disappointment. 

Once we landed, we made our way to collect our luggage and then our Thai Pocket WiFi, which would be our connection to the world online while we were in Bangkok.

Once the pocket WiFi was collected, we made our way to level 1 and queued up in the taxi queue. There were machines to help regulate the flow of the taxis and passengers. All we had to do was to press the green button on the screen when it was our turn, wait for a bit and a receipt with the details of the taxi (e.g. driver name, car plate, parking lot that the taxi will be waiting) was printed out. The ride to the hotel from the airport cost us 345 baht and took about 45 minutes (traffic was quite bad that evening).

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