To Kyoto we go! A mini adventure

The Japan adventure began with a night flight from Singapore’s Changi Airport, Terminal 3. Since the flight was set to fly off at 11:55pm at night, there was no need to waste a day to take leave from work. It might be red-eye flight but I don’t think that it’s a waste of time: we not only get to sleep and have food (and entertain ourselves) but we also get to arrive early in the morning (around 8am). Since we will be traveling straight to Kyoto once we land in Narita Airport, and the journey takes about 4 hours or so, we would be just in time for checking-in to our AirBnB accommodation. Perfect timing! [To the land of sushi and ramen on Singapore Airlines we go!]

In order to get to Kyoto from Narita Airport, we had to catch the NEX (an express train that travels from the airport to Tokyo, Yokohama or Saitama and back to the airport) to Shinagawa Station and make our way to Kyoto Station from there. We were actually a little excited and forgot about buying some drinks to quench our thirst. By the time we realized that we had forgotten to buy the drinks, with still about 10 minutes to spare, I rushed back out again of the station and went to the convenience store near the JR Ticketing corner where we had been earlier. I guess that is one of the benefits of the JR Pass, you can (re)enter the station multiple times with little worry. lol [Getting to Kyoto from Narita Airport]

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