Anecdote of the Day: The Kind Bus Driver

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Ever had one of those moments when you are running late for the bus and you see it coming? What would you do? Why if possible, you would make a run for it (where possible) given the (right) traffic condition. Which is exactly what I did that fine morning: I was just one crossing away from the bus stop and the bus was held up at a traffic light. The moment the light for the pedestrian crossing turned green, I made a dash for it. It was supposed to be a short (maybe) 1-2 minute dash but as I was running I realized that the bus was not behind me. Normally the bus would have already either overtaken me or would have arrived at the bus stop and scoot off, but this time the bus was actually slower than me!

As it turns out that the bus driver was actually driving a little slower that morning, just so that I’d be able to board the bus. Now how nice is that bus driver! With most of the bus drivers being a little mean these days, it was certainly a nice gesture and one of those moments that just make your day (even better).

Why are the bus drivers a little mean these days? Well, that’s because most of them like to ‘bait’ you when you are running for the bus. They will be at the bus stop and people will be boarding and alighting them while you are making a dash for the bus, and just when you are about to reach the bus (at the bus stop) or have already reached, the bus pauses for a bit and… drives off at just the right moment... in your face. It does make one wonder whether it is on purpose or not. Did he see you or did he not see you? Now that is the question and perhaps a story for another day.
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