Singapore to Seoul and back! (Korean Air)

Getting to Seoul from Singapore

Korean Airlines ©Travel Bytez

Thanks to Citibank's credit card promotion,  our (return) tickets to Seoul were S$758! Considering that the usual price (for a direct flight) is (about) S$900++ (on Korean Airlines), and the fact that there was no more promotion for Singapore Airlines, it was a great deal!  

This was my first flight to Seoul on Korean Airlines, and I have to say that it was a memorable experience for me: the flight attendants were very friendly and despite the (slight) language barrier, communication was not greatly affected though they did have limited vocabulary. Our flight was a (mid)night flight and it took us about 7 hours to get to our destination. On board, we were entertained with movies, food and drinks.  For this flight we were provided with a pillow and blanket, along with a pair of slippers and a toothbrush kit for the passengers (which were a bonus!).
Korean Airlines ©Travel Bytez
Food and Entertainment!
I watched "Transformers 3" while munching on some peanuts and a cup of orange juice. As it was a night flight, I actually fell asleep while watching "Transformers 3" right after the peanuts and orange juice were in my tummy! So to prevent myself from getting 'shocked' from my sleep when there were sudden explosions (from the movie), I decided to listen to music instead. There were a few categories: classical, New age, Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese pop Music. There was a remote control to operate the screen, a button to call the flight attendants and to switch off the light. 

The lights were turned on at about 5am and the announcement (both in English and Korean) for breakfast soon followed after. We had a choice between:
  1. Porridge
  2. Omelet
  3. Beef
I choose porridge option since it was early in the morning, and MX choose omettle. I personally think that the porridge was a tad bland as there was only provide a bag of sesame and seaweed seasoning. Still, it was pretty nice to have something to warm our stomachs.  That was a great experience since we mostly travelled with the Koreans who were returning to their naive country (lots of Korean conservations going on lol). 

When we arrived at Incheon Airport, we took the AREX to our accommodation in Hongdae - Seoul Mansion Guesthouse.

Going back home to Singapore

When we were taking the Airport Limousine to the (Incheon) airport, we actually waited at the wrong side of the road! So that caused some delay in our timing to get to the airport, but thankfully we managed to arrive at the airport just in time.We quickly passed customs and even had time to claim our tax from the machines (apparently a new, but troublesome, feature). Good thing our flight was in the morning! 
On a bright note, at least the custom officers were helpful and polite in assisting the tourists.
We heaved a sigh of relieve when we boarded the plane (having to rush about and worry about getting on the flight was a challenge!). For on-board entertainment, the movies were pretty updated. I watched "Maleficient".

For the eating segment of the flight, we were presented with more foods and drinks! I love the tender chicken and the pleasant surprise... cheesecake ice-cream and pizza for dessert!!! Yeah!! I am glad that they let us choose 1 from 3 items. With great wine, nice foods, marvelous movie and wonderful service within a safe air flight, it was indeed price worthy.  When we arrived at Singapore Changi Airport, it was already 8pm.

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