Quirky Singapore Campaigns

This is a compilation of interesting campaigns that have been going on this little island of a city called Singapore. Campaigns have been in Singapore ever since 1980s or even earlier, and there have been quite a few memorable ones. There is almost a campaign for everything here in Singapore! Here we go:

1) The Courtesy Campaign & The Singapore Kindness Movement

Singa the Courtesy Lion
Singa the Courtesy Lion
This campaign began around 1979, it was to encourage Singaporeans to be more courteous, friendly and
considerate towards others; and basically be more polite create a pleasant social environment. The duration of 10 years can be one of the longest ongoing campaigns here in Singapore. It even had its own mascot, Singa the Courtesy Lion. Banners and posters were hung in public places like bus stops, shopping center and open-air markets. Leaflets, handbooks and pamphlets were also handed out to further educate the people.

Essay competitions in all four national languages (English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil) were arranged in schools to reach out to children as well. This movement soon saw to an assortment of memorabilia consisting of mugs, plushies, key chains, notepads and vases that featured the mascot, Singa; along with courtesy songs, fables, and slogans...Read more »
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