The Benefits of Brown Rice

Although brown rice and white rice have the same amount of calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins, brown rice is the more nutritious of the two: it has several vitamins and dietary minerals that white rice does not have. Brown rice is unprocessed (un-milled/partly milled) rice that still retains its outer layer (the husk), which also means it retains its original vitamins and minerals. White rice on the other hand, is produced by removing the husk, thus losing the vitamins and minerals that brown rice has due to the polishing process. So basically brown rice is white rice that has not had the brown-colored bran covering removed. Thus, brown rice not only has higher fiber content than white rice, it also allows for better digestion.

During the polishing process to produce white rice, the husk is removed from the (brown) rice, and then the white grain(s) is(are) smoothed with paraffin oil and polished with glucose syrup, eliminating scratches on the surface, and preventing it from leaving...Read more »
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